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We often hear the term oilcloth, pvc tablecloths, plastic tablecloths, vinyl tablecloth or wipeclean tablecloth. If you want to know a bit more about the types the CLICK HERE.


The PREMIER range of pvc tablecloths is a pvc coated textile cloth. We use different textile cloths - cottons, polyesters or blends. We then apply a pvc coating. The combination of the two results in a wipeclean tablecloth. In most cases we apply a medium to soft matt coating to achieve a natural linen look. Without touching the cloth you would not think that it was coated.

There are times that we apply a gloss look to the coating. There are certain environments where some customers prefer this gloss look.

For restaurants we will cut to size and hem the pvc tablecloth. The hem  provides a more professional look and adds life to the cloth. Over time edges that have not been hemmed will start to fray. An unhemmed edge is also much easier to tear.


The EVERCLEAN range is a printed laminate. This is a printed pvc laminated to a syhthetic base to give it bulk. The EVERCLEAN range is available cut to size or in 20m rolls. The width is 140cm. The EVERCLEAN range is perfect for everyday use. It is not as hardwearing or long lasting as the PREMIER range but it has the same wipeclean properties.


This range is a printed laminate of pvc that has a synthetic backing to give some bulk. Our Ecotex range is Phthalate free and perfect for home use. The Ecotex range is not as thick as EVERCLEAN . We sell this by the metre or in 20m rolls. The width is 140cm.

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