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                                                                          LAUNDRY COSTS

Pvc tablecloths, oilcloths, vinyl tablecloths or wipeclean tablecloths do not require laundry. They can simply be wiped clean. That is their principal advantage.

The annual linen hire and laundry bill for a 10 table restaurant ranges from £1,900 - £4,300 plus VAT.

The cost of 10 pvc tablecloths that have been cut and hemmed to size will cost a restaurant approximately £235 plus VAT delivered.

Laundry costs vary around the country. They depend on the size of the restaurant, the configuration of the tables, the laundry scheme signed up to, the usage and also if you use a local or national chain.. A slipcloth measuring 45” x 45” (114 x114cm) costs between 40p - 60p to hire and launder each day so over a 52 week period at 6 days a week this equates to £125 - £187 for one cloth per year. So just for the slipcloths the cost can be £1,870 a year. Add in the more expensive main cloths then  a small restaurant can spend upto £4,300 a year.

Buy 10 of our 131 x 131cm  Gingham Checks that have been cut and hemmed and they will cost £20.58 each plus £9 carriage plus VAT. Thats a total of £258 delivered.  However a restaurant need not buy a standard size. We will cut and hem 10 different sizes  if necessary to deliver what you want. We will send you a sample piece and a quote based on your requirements.