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Frequently asked questions & Care instructions for wipeclean tablecloths



The variables that affect a pvc coated textile  or oilcloth are the base cloth and the pvc coating. The pvc coating has three main variables.  The correct combination of these determines the final appearance of the pvc tablecloth.

A thick hard gloss pvc coating is the most hardwearing. A thick soft gloss pvc gets tacky and deteriorate quickly.

Our objective in most cases is to make our cloths with a soft to medium matt pvc coating of sufficient thickness to give good handle so that it behaves like linen and looks like linen.

The type of base textile also effects the final feel of the cloth.



HEMWe recommend hemming of the PREMIER range for two reasons.

Firstly because it simply looks more professional ,more elegant. Secondly this prolongs the life of the tablecloth.

Over time the edges will fray. Also an unhemmed edge tears easily.

We sometimes have to join cloths to achieve extra large cloths. JOINTThe resultant seam  is not fully waterproof.

Checks are not always straight. This is not a fault. In a garment this is not always visible as on a flat surface of a table. The problem arises at printing AND coating and is impossible to eliminate.

The colour of a design that is seen on the computer screen or on paper can never reproduce the colour of the actual product.

We always insist that our  customers see a piece of the cloth before ordering. Unfortunately home owners that buy single cloths online have to remember that we try our best to scan  but that the final product may be slightly different from what is seen on the screen. Always ask for a sample.

Cloths from different dyelots will be slightly different in colour.

PVC tablecloths that are delivered folded will be creased. It depends on your point of view if a folding crease is unsightly or simply indicates that something is new. Creases will relax over time but not completely. You can remove some creases by ironing on the cloth side using a cloth for protection and on a very low heat. Not more than 60 degree centigrade.



Because of the different types of Lacquers it is impossible to prevent heat marks on all surfaces. A soft french cellulose lacquer can mark at wet temperatures under 40 degree centigrade.


Remember always to allow for a drop when you order a tablecloth. The drop you want is up to you but we think that the preferred drop is between 8” ( 20cm)  - 10” (25cm) each side. That means you have to add 16” (40cm) - 20” (50cm) to the size of the table. If the table is 92cm x 92cm you need a tablecloth that is 132cm x 132cm . For a round table if the diameter is 60cm then you require a 100cm diameter cloth.

Obviously for the table protector you need to order the size of the table as there should not be any drop.